5th World Conference on Research Integrity

May 28, 2017 - May 31, 2017VU University, Amsterdam
This event has past.
Last modified: June 28, 2017
5<sup>th</sup> World Conference on Research Integrity

The fifth edition of the world conference currently takes place in Amsterdam, form May 28th to 31st.
Find all relevant information at www.wcri2017.org.

The full program is available online. Difficult to chose which sessions you would like to attend? Here is what your colleagues look forward to!


“For the first time, also the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industry, will formally join the conference in a satellite session on ‘research integrity in for-profit organizations. As industrial sponsored research increases and publicly funded research decreases, the building of trust between industry, academia and the general public has never been more important. I can’t wait to follow this debate.”
Prof. dr. Maurice Zeegers


“I look most forward to the plenary session about fighting the replicability crisis. One of the speakers during this session will be John Ioannidis. His 2005 paper titled “Why Most Published Research Findings Are False” received world-wide attention, and since then he wrote many other influential papers on this topic. Last year I was among the few lucky people who got to attend his inspiring lecture at the annual ‘Anatomy Lesson’ in the Royal Concert Hall Amsterdam. I am confident that his talk during the plenary session about fighting the replicability crisis will be as inspiring as his talk last year during the ‘Anatomy Lesson’.”
Judith Rijnhart, MSc


“For all young participants, Master students, PhD-students and Postdoctoral fellows, the ‘Meet the expert’ sessions offer a chance to meet and interact with keynote speakers. Melissa Anderson, Boris Barbour, Daniele Fanelli, John Ioannidis, Brian Nosek and Ivan Oransky answer the questions of the participants. Participants send in questions upfront and for each session 5 participants will be selected to ask their question before the general discussion starts. Promises to be interesting!”
Dr. Fenneke Blom

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