Conference on Practicing Research Integrity

November 1, 2018 - November 2, 2018Copenhagen, Denmark
This event has passed.
Last modified: October 11, 2018

“Following the publication of a Danish Code of Conduct for Research Integrity in 2014, the Danish Ministry for Education funded three projects to investigate how the Code is operating in practice. Arising from the ethnographic results of one of these projects, this conference brings together interested people for a dialogue on policies and practices of research integrity.”
The conference is organized by the Centre for Higher Education Futures, Aarhus University (source: Aarhus University)


Key questions addressed

History – How did research integrity become a problem?
Location – Is the problem a systemic problem or a problem of individual researchers or research groups?
Stakeholders – Who are the interested parties and how do, or should they relate to the problem
Discourse – How is research integrity defined and debated across disciplines and contexts?
Practices – How do practices of research training, the development of research communities and the shaping of organisational processes create an environment for research integrity?


You can find more information about the conference here. Registration is open until October 25th.

Deadline: October 25, 2018

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