PRINTEGER symposium: Novel approaches on research integrity in practice

August 23, 2018Nijmegen, Geert Grooteplein Noord 9
This event has passed.
Last modified: October 18, 2018

The European project PRINTEGER and NRIN will co-organize an event on “Novel approaches on research integrity in practice” in Nijmegen. The focus will be on practical questions like ‘What can organizations do to facilitate integrity?’ and ‘How to teach integrity?’. Various new developments, such as the educational ‘Upright’ tool for research integrity and the Bonn PRINTEGER statement for organizations will be highlighted.

The program, abstracts (PDF) and all presentations as PDFs are available now.


10.00 Entrance
10.15 Opening
10.25 Keynote lecture on the Bonn statement by Henriette Bout

Interactive session 1: Research Culture
10.55 “Academic research climate in Amsterdam” by Tamarinde Haven & dr. Joeri Tijdink
Abstract | Presentation
11.40 Break

Interactive session 2: Research Process
12.00 “Research integrity as a new battlefield for concepts of good science” by prof. dr. Barend van der Meulen Abstract | Presentation
12.45 Lunch

Interactive session 3: Dealing with misconduct
13.45 Presentation on dealing with misconduct by prof. mr. Roel Fernhout Abstract | Presentation

Interactive session 4: Education
14.30 prof. dr. Frans van Lunteren on The film and MOOC On Being a Scientist Abstract | Presentation
14.40 dr. Clemens Festen on The Dilemma Game Abstract | Presentation
14.50 Vincent Coumans on Upright Abstract | Presentation
15.00 Discussion: How to Teach Integrity? Moderated by dr. Willem Halffman
15.30 Break

Interactive session 5: Journals
15.45 Integrity issues in journal peer review by Serge Horbach Presentation

16.30 Conclusions and recommendations for research integrity in practice
16.50 Closing remarks – dr. Willem Halffman
17.00 Drinks

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