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What is research integrity?

Research integrity concerns the responsible conduct of research and the prevention of questionable research practices (QRP) and scientific misconduct. Different words are used, such as scientific and academic integrity, but on this website mainly the term Research Integrity (RI) is used. Fabrication, Falsification and Plagiarism (FFP) are the most serious violations of research integrity, but the definition in practice can differ per research field and from country to country. The definitions of QRP vary even more. However, the main issue is that scientific researchers have an obligation to themselves, their colleagues and the public to optimize validity, precision and efficiency ant to conduct and report their research in a responsible, transparant and honest manner.

As an introduction to the topic, we can recommend the booklet ‘On being a scientist: A Guide to Responsible Conduct in Research’ or ‘Research Integrity: What it means, Why it is important and How we might protect it’.

I am thinking of filing a complaint about a situation with a colleague. What is the procedure?

The procedures can differ across research institutions. Before you file a complaint, you can express your concernt to a confidential advisor (vertrouwenspersoon) on research integrity. You don’t know who that is? You can find an overview with links to RI at Dutch universities and other organizations here.
If your institution is not in this list yet, please let us know. Maybe your institution is not in the list because the institution’s webpage does not include information on research integrity. In that case, please have a look at your institution’s intranet.

Who ‘is’ NRIN?

NRIN is a network of people interested in and working on RI. The network was initiated by a working group consisting of prof. dr. Lex Bouter, prof. dr. Hanneke de Haes, prof. mr. Ton Hol, prof. dr. Evert van Leeuwen, prof. dr. Jack Pronk, and prof. dr. Frits Rosendaal. After prof. dr. Jack Pronk had left the working group, prof. dr. ir. Anthonie Meijers took that position and joined the group in 2017.
The working group and NRIN is chaired by prof. dr. Lex Bouter (View Lex Bouter's LinkedIn profile View profile). The first coordinator of NRIN was Fenneke Blom ( View Fenneke Blom's LinkedIn profile View profile). The current coordinator is Claudia Lüttke.

Who is funding the NRIN?

2014-2018: Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development (ZonMw)
2018-2019: Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) and Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU)

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Frequently used abbreviations


Falsification, Fabrication and Plagiarism


Fostering Responsible Research Practices


Netherlands Research Integrity Network


Office of Research Integrity


Questionable Research Practices


Responsible Conduct of Research


Research Integrity


Research Integrity Officer


Research Misconduct


Responsible Research Innovation

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