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The Netherlands Research Integrity Network aims to serve a wide variety of actors in the field of Research Integrity. Not only the RI professionals, such as confidential counsellors and RI committee members, but also those who perform the scientific research a. And the people who enable them to that in a responsible manner, such as the policy makers, editors, funders, teachers and role models.
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Last modified: October 16, 2018

General interest in research integrity

General information for:

  • Everybody who likes to know more about research integrity and responsible conduct of research
  • Researchers who have suspicions about research misconduct
  • Researchers searching for tips and tricks for responsible conduct of research

On this website you can find general information on research integrity (RI) and many related topics. Here we list some suggestions that might give you a good start, and some interesting further readings.

Teaching RI

In the Teaching Materials section, you can find teaching materials sorted by topic or by target group.

Links to other websites containing teaching materials, (free) online courses, exercises and (introductory) literature, are listed alphabetically and shortly annotated in the Educational section.

If you have useful suggestions about teaching materials we do not mention, please let us know .

Education section

RI researcher

Information on ongoing research projects, tools and measurement instruments, and relevant research articles.

Research articles

RI professional

Use this website as your shortcut to:

  • codes and guidelines;
  • tools and recommendations on quality of research and reporting;
  • case histories and reports;
  • colleagues at other institutions.

Are there other documents or sources that you think would be relevant to include in this website? Please let us know.

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