As the national network on research integrity in The Netherlands, NRIN organizes mutiple symposiums and a diversity of open meetings. Here you can find a collection of these video recordings, accecible for everyone interested.

National Survey on Research Integrity (NSRI)

In July 2022 NRIN co-organised the endsymposium of the National Survey on Research Integrity. The project, funded by ZonMw’s Fostering Responsible Research Practices Programme, was designed as a tool to estimate the prevalence of research misbehaviours, research misconduct and responsible research practices, as well as potential explanatory factors and their associations with these behaviours across disciplines and academic ranks. The project aims to better inform research performing organizations and other stakeholders within the research system, such as research funding organizations, of research integrity topics that require particular attention, facilitating evidence-based change in research integrity initiatives and policies. For more info visit

Originally trained in Psychology, Em. Prof. Dorothy Bischop started to become active in the field of open science and research reproducibility later on. In 2015 she chaired a symposium by the Academy of Medical Sciences on 'Reproducibility and Reliability of Biomedical Research'. Additionally, she was inaugural chair of the Advisory Board of the UK Reproducibility Network and a founder member of Reproducible Research Oxford, UKRN's local hub. She remains active on social media, with a popular blog, Bishopblog, and she tweets as @deevybee.

Dr. Gowri Gopalakrishna

Dr. Tamarinde Haven

Safeguarding Research Integrity in the Open Science era

Brian Nosek a Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Virginia and co-Founder and Executive Director of the Center for Open Science (COS) which operates the Open Science Framework. COS is enabling open and reproducible research practices worldwide. Research applications of this interest include implicit bias, decision-making, attitudes, ideology, morality, innovation, and barriers to change. Brian applies this interest to improve the alignment between personal and organizational values and practices.

Why diversity is important for Research Integrity

Vincent Larivière holds the Canada Research Chair on the Transformations of Scholarly Communication at the Université de Montréal, where he is professor of information science and associate vice-president (planning and communications). His research focuses on science policy, scholarly publishing, and diversity and equity in science.

Dr. Noémie Aubert Bonn

Noémie Aubert Bonn is a post-doctoral researcher currently doing research on research at Hasselt University (Belgium) and Amsterdam University Medical Center (Netherlands). During her PhD at Hasselt University, Noémie explored different stakeholder’s perspectives of the impact that current research assessments and definitions of success in science have on research practices and research integrity, and her post-doctoral research continues in this direction: participating in research projects that look at different aspects of research environments, research assessments, research practices, and researchers’ wellbeing.


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