Boris Barbour added to program with Elisabeth Bik

As announced earlier, on October 13 2021 Elisabeth Bik will give a lecture on 'the dark site of science', and we're pleased to add Boris Barbour to the program, who will give a talk on post-publication peer review with PubPeer. Boris Barbour joined the initiative shortly after its launch in 2012, and has been involved in many aspects of site operation, strategy and representation since then. Nowadays, PubPeer has grown to become an influential channel of post-publication peer review and has enabled its users to alert the world of research to the existence of unsuspected volumes of problematic research. Besides his voluntary work for PubPeer, Boris Barbour is an academic researcher in neuroscience, working on the neuronal algorithms underlying motor learning, employed by the CNRS and working at the Ecole Normale SupĂ©rieure in Paris, France. 

Because Elisabeth Bik is one of the most profilic authors on PubPeer, we are excited to organize an event with both academics. Register here

Disclaimers: Boris his voluntary work for PubPeer is independent of his academic employers and host institutions, and his views should not be taken to represent theirs. The PubPeer Foundation offers subscription-based "Dashboards" to journals, publishers and research institutions.


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