Funding opportunity: 2nd round NWO/ZonMw program ‘Replication Studies’

Last modified: November 15, 2017

The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) announces the second round of the NWO/ZonMw funding program ‘Replication Studies’:

Researchers with a PhD who are employed by a Dutch research institution can request funding for the replication of “cornerstone research” in the disicplines of the NWO Research Area of the Social Sciences and ZonMw.


With this pilot programme NWO wants to encourage researchers to carry out replication research. NWO also wants to gain experience that can lead to insights into an effective way of including replication research in research programmes and to obtain insight into and a reflection on the requirements that NWO sets for research in terms of methodology and transparency.

Who can apply

Applicants are researchers who hold a PhD and are employed for the duration of the proposed project at one of the Dutch knowledge institutions specified in the call for proposals. They clearly possess the methodological competencies needed to carry out/supervise such a study. Applicants should also have demonstrable expertise in the research area of the study to be replicated. If the research will be carried out by several researchers then it must be clear from the composition of the project group that it contains the relevant expertise required.

What to apply for

There are three types of replication research:

  1. Reproduction: replication with existing data – repeated analysis of the datasets from the original study with the original research question.
  2. Replication with new data: new data collection with the same research protocol as the original study.
  3. Replication with the same research question: new data collection with a different design from the original study in which the research question remains unchanged compared to the original research.

In this pilot programme, only research that falls under the first two categories will be financed.

A maximum of €  75,000 can be requested for a Type 1 project and a maximum of €  150,000 for a Type 2 study. This amount can be freely allocated across personnel and material costs.

The maximum duration of the research is two years.

When to apply

For further details please visit: (English call text) or (Dutch calll text)

Deadline: March 6, 2018

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