The EnTIRE project: call for participants for stakeholder consultation

Last modified: January 24, 2018

The EnTIRE project aims to create an online platform that makes Research Integrity and Research Ethics information easily accessible to the research community. The platform will foster uptake of ethical standards and responsible conduct of research, and ultimately support research excellence and strengthen society’s confidence in research and its findings.

Stakeholder consultation: Call for participants

This European Commission funded project seeks to include all stakeholders in a participatory way. After a pilot-phase in which face-to-face focus group discussions were conducted in Spain, Croatia, and the Netherlands, EnTIRE is now organizing an online scale-up phase. In this online scale-up phase they invite participants from all over the world to a closed online discussion that will be held from Monday February 19th until Sunday March 4th, 2018.

This online discussion will explore participants’ research ethics and research integrity experiences and present our online wiki platform (currently in development) designed to help stakeholders with research ethics and research integrity issues. Questions will be posted every two days for a period of two weeks, and participants will be able to contribute to the online discussion thread at any time over the two week period.

If you are a researcher, a journal (assistant) editor, a member of a national or local ethics/integrity committee, a science policy maker, a representative from industry research, or a representative from a research funding organisation and are interested in participating, please go to and fill in the form before Feb 10th, 2018. The EnTIRE team will then send you more detailed information by email.

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