Foreword newsletter nr 3 – April 2016

Last modified: May 21, 2017

by Evert van Leeuwen, Professor Medical Ethics, Radboudumc

It is a pleasure to welcome you to this issue of the NRIN Newsletter. Reading will give you insight in the latest developments in Research Integrity from a number of perspectives. You will find an overview of the symposium on Education in Research Integrity, held on February 4 in the Royal Dutch Academy of Science, you will also read a report of the Metrics Conference in Stanford, November 2015. The report is written by Jelte Wicherts who gave a presentation on the (mis)use of p-values in psychological research.

On the level of policy making, the Erasmus MC policy in Research Integrity is discussed as well as the conference book on Integrity in the Global Arena. Furthermore you can read news about websites, like, but most of all the NRIN website that strives to become your anchor in looking at new developments in Research Integrity.

Enough to excite your curiosity in the field of Research Integrity, the corner stone for the future of scientific research and public trust in science. Educating students in skills, attitudes and expertise to uphold Research Integrity, to avoid scientific waste and to promote sincere and profound understanding of the world around us. For a long time virtues like honesty, modesty in claims, trust and integrity have not been considered of vital importance in pursuing the goals of science. Or in acquiring grants or making enough articles. The excitement of Research Integrity make us aware of the fact that scientists are first of all humans that have to make prudent, well argued choices in the adventure of discovering new knowledge.

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