Foreword newsletter nr1 – June 2015

Last modified: May 21, 2017

by Fenneke Blom – coordinator of NRIN
We are very pleased to send you the first newsletter of the NRIN! In our newsletters you will find relevant news, upcoming events and reflections on recent developments, highlights of research, books and more.
In this first newsletter we look back at the 4th World Conference on Research Integrity, together with some colleagues. It was a great conference, and a boost to the motivation for this network. As our Flemish colleague Simon Godecharle writes in his reflection on the conference, no single initiative is going to change the research culture, we have to connect to contribute to a better system and culture. And this also underlines that the NRIN is not just for the Dutch or people in the Netherlands: several international contributions to this newsletter were made, and about 15% of our members signed up from abroad. Let’s continue to grow, both nationally and internationally, and exchange, collaborate and learn together in order to contribute – each from our own diverse position or background – to our shared goal: to improve the research culture.
Crucial for the NRIN’s activities and website development, is the need of everybody who is contributing in whatever way to that shared goal. So please let us know what the NRIN could and should do to help or support you in your work on RI. Share your suggestions at info [at] nrin .nl or via this form.
I ended my presentation in Rio with the remark that you have to be enthusiastic about your work. The launch of the network, the world conference in Rio de Janeiro, our first newsletter and next week our first event: the past weeks were really busy, but contributed substantially to my work drive and work satisfaction!

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