2.8 million H2020 funding for VIRT2UE project

Last modified: December 14, 2017

“Recently, the EU granted the project VIRT2UE. The acronym stands for Virtue-based ethics and integrity of research: Train-the-trainer programme for upholding the principles and practices of the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity. The project is part of the programme Science With And For Society (SWAFS) in Horizon 2020. The total budget is 2.8 million euros. The proposal was developed by the Department of Medical Humanities, VUmc. Coördinator is Guy Widdershoven; other researchers involved are Lex Bouter, Natalie Evans, Coosje Veldkamp, Marc van Hoof en Giulia Inguaggiato. In the project, centers from twelve European countries cooperate to develop a blended learning course in Research Integrity and to train trainers to facilitate face-to-face sessions designed to foster moral virtues. Last year, the research group was awared with a similar grant to develop a wiki-platform to make accessible information and foster exchange about issues concerning research integrity (EnTIRE).”

From: https://www.amsterdamresearch.org/web/public-health/news-1/tonen-op-amsterdam-public-health/2.8-million-h2020-funding-for-virt2ue-project-virtue-based-ethics-and-integrity-of-research-train-the-trainer-programme.htm

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