The myth of Null Hypothesis Significance Testing: invitation for participants

Last modified: March 18, 2019

The use of null hypothesis significance testing (NHST) has been heavily criticized. Several well-known methodologist such as John Ioannidis, have shown that using NHST leads to flawed conclusions. We have therefore undertaken a qualitative study on the perceptions of researchers and other stakeholders within the scientific system on the use of NHST as a tool to draw conclusions from empirical studies. Results show a number of reasons why many researchers keep on using NHST and are reluctant to use other methodologies. The next step in our project is to develop strategies to diminish the default use of NHST and promote alternative methods in both research practices and higher education, by bringing together researchers and lecturers of methods courses who have the intrinsic motivation to change this behavior within their own working environment. If you are such a person, we are looking for you to join us! Please contact us at

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