NRIN Symposium Research Integrity in Education: a recap

Last modified: July 29, 2019

In the context of quite a busy spring, we still have to give a short summary of NRIN’s Symposium on RI in Education, which took place on the 27th of May. After two successful conferences in 2016 and 2018, we were excited to get together again and exchange ideas in this emerging field. The focus of this year’s edition was on Research Integrity in Education. Researchers in and outside of academia, policymakers and other interested stakeholders from the Netherlands and beyond gathered in Amsterdam.

By coincidence, NRIN initiators Lex Bouter and Fenneke Blom opened the Symposium: Lex by welcoming all the attendees, and Fenneke with an engaging presentation about teaching integrity to Phd’s. Secondly, Dr. Behnam Taebi, specialized in responsible research and innovation for energy technologies, gave a talk on how RI is integrated at the Technical University Delft. This presentation was a great addition to our program, since most people are aware that RI at technical universities is different, but know little about the exact differences. Yet, another interesting topic that has not received much attention, is RI at Universities of Applied Sciences. However, since they too signed the Dutch Code of Conduct for Research Integrity in 2018, the organization of the Symposium considered it of great value to add dr. Daan Andriessen to the list of speakers. So accordingly he informed us about epistemic virtues, suitable methods and techniques in practice-based research. Lastly, the final plenary talk was presented by our colleagues from the VIRT2UE project, managed by Laura Hartman and prof. dr Guy Widdershoven. With their program, they offer a mixed online and offline train-the-trainer program for upholding the principles and practices of the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity. (In our next newsletter, we will elaborate more on this interesting project, since their first consortium will take place in September 2019).

After lunch, visitors could participate in two -out of five, interactive session sessions, chaired by researchers working within the field of RI. It was great to see the engagement in these groups and the quality of the brainstorms that resulted from it. Therefore we would like to thank all the speakers, moderators and visitors for their contributions, open attitude and active participation. We look back to a successful symposium and hope to see you all again next year!

Below you can find the presentations of the plenary talks:

dr. Fenneke Blom, Teaching with integrity
dr. Behnam Taebi,  Research Integrity at TU Delft: Embedding Integrity
dr. Daan Andriessen, Epistemic virtues in practice-based research at Universities of Applied Sciences
Laura Hartman, prof. dr. Guy Widdershoven, VIRT2UE


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