Release of KNAW report on Replication Studies

Last modified: January 17, 2018

On January 15th, 2018, the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences presented its report ‘Replication Studies – Improving Reproducibility in the Empirical Sciences’. The full report (in English) can be found through here, or can be downloaded at the KNAW website.

The report has received considerable media attention:

  1. Science magazine:
  2. Trouw (National Dutch newspaper, front page)
  3. NOS website (National Dutch news)
  4. NOS Radio 1, Nieuws & Co, 15 januari, 17u05 (Dutch national radio)
  5. NOS 8 uur journaal, 15 januari (2 minutes) (Dutch national tv news) (van 20u17m25s tot 20u19m30s)
  6. BNR Radio,.15 januari (5 minutes) (Dutch National Radio)
  7. ANP (via RefDag) (Dutch press releases – through Dutch newspaper)
  8. HOP (via Ad Valvas, VU university magazine)
  9. ScienceGuide (Dutch science website) &
  10. Univers (UvT) (Tilburg University magazine)
  11. Medisch Contact (login required)



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