Vacancy: Postdoc Competitive Funding & Undesirable Research Practices

Last modified: May 29, 2017

The vacancy described below is also available on the AMC website.
Application deadline: April 15th, 2017

Job title: Postdoc Competitive Funding & Undesirable Research Practices
Fte: 0.7, two years
Project: “Follow the Money: Does Competitive Research Funding (CRF) Contribute to Undesirable Research Practices (URP)?”
Academic Medical Center (AMC), Amsterdam
Closing date: 15 April 2017

Job description

The department of general practice is seeking a postdoc for a project titled ” Follow the Money: Does Competitive Research Funding (CRF) Contribute to Undesirable Research Practices (URP)?”

Our project is situated against the current worries about sloppy science and non-replicability and examines the relationship between CRF and URP. It aims to develop a model specifying the mechanisms through which CRF contributes to URP (if it does). The model will be based on the findings of multi-dimensional comparative analysis of how junior and senior scientists in The Netherlands and Switzerland, each with their different funding traditions and grant success rates, in different periods of time, in the life sciences, natural sciences, and humanities perceive causal relations between CRF and URP. We will use mainly qualitative techniques such as in-depth interviews and a method called acceleration room (related to focus groups).

The full project is aimed to cover all of the humanities, natural and life sciences in a period of 2 years. The project is financed by ZonMw. You will collaborate closely with the second postdoc, who is a historian and who will cover the historical part of the project. The project will involve traveling to Switzerland several times.

We’re asking

We are looking for a highly motivated and talented candidate who is passionate about science. The candidate should have a PhD in the Social Sciences, Medicine, Biomedical Sciences, Health Sciences, Natural Sciences, Anthropology or Science Studies, and have ample experience in conducting and analyzing qualitative research. You will be working with academics from various disciplinary fields. Therefore, strong communicative skills, diplomacy, cultural sensitivity and the ability to connect with different target groups are crucial for this project. You have a flexible work spirit and have excellent planning and organizational skills. We require a candidate who is fluent in English in both speaking and writing. Proficiency in Dutch is desirable; working knowledge of German would be advantageous.

Further information

For more information, see AMC website or Academic Tranfer.

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