Vacancy: webcrawler for INSPIRE project

Last modified: February 20, 2019

We are looking for a student-assistant or junior computer scientist who can set up a webcrawler for our INSPIRE project. INSPIRE (the Inventory in the Netherlands of Stakeholders’ Practices and Initiatives on Research integrity to set an Example) is a project of the Netherlands Research Integrity Network (NRIN) and aims to collect initiatives to foster responsible research practices and share them in an online toolbox to inspire others to take up similar initiatives.

We plan to use a webcrawler as one of the ways to search for such initiatives on the websites of various stakeholders in research, such as research institutes, funding agencies, and journals.


The main task is to set up a pilot with the webcrawler and to assess together with two members of the project team whether it’s performance is sufficient to scrape a larger sample (and perform the full webcrawler once it performs well).


We will start with a pilot (1 month, 0.4 fte), with a possibility to extend if the webcrawler yields sufficient relevant results.
Start: as soon as possible.
For more information or to apply, please send an email to NRIN.

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