UPRIGHT – new tool to teach RI

Last modified: September 18, 2018

PRINTEGER has produced a new tool for teaching research integrity: UPRIGHT. This web-based educational tool approaches research integrity from the vision that RI is more than merely following rules (What should I do?), but a matter of identity (What kind of researcher should I be?). It is freely available and can be adjusted to your own requirements under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. It is a final product of the three year research project which set out to enhance research integrity by promoting it as an integral dimension of excellence in research.

Information, polls and forum

Upright provides information and opportunities for debate and reflection. A key part of the tool consists of online discussions and poll questions. There are many polls on research integrity dilemma’s. You can also see what others think by displaying the average percentages of the other users. You can motivate your choices and discuss other matters of research integrity on the forum.

Informative modules on RI

In order to facilitate fruitful discussions, there is a large amount of information available through topic based, clear and to-the-point modules, many of which were written by experts in the field. The modules cover, among others, predatory publishing, biases in research and questionable research practices. Topics are often introduced in an approachable and humoristic way with a short video clip. Furthermore, the tool uses material from the film On Being A Scientist, as produced by Leiden University, and dilemmas from the Dilemma Game, as developed by Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Adjust UPRIGHT to your needs

Upright is implemented as a Moodle course, i.e. a free and open-source learning management system. Hence, your version of Upright can be adapted to your specific needs and augmented with various types of exercises and material. For those who only want to access the information from Upright without using the forums and polls, all the modules and dilemmas are placed on the PRINTEGER website as well.

How to get UPRIGHT

For more information on Upright, including the download portal, an installation guide and all the material available on Upright, go to printeger.eu/upright.

By Vincent Coumans and Claudia Lüttke

screenshot of UPRIGHT

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