Charles Percy Snow – The Affair

Last modified: February 9, 2018

The affair was published in 1960 and concerns research fraud in the form of image manipulation long before the digital era. The alleged perpetrator is a young research fellow of an imaginary college in Cambridge. The close college community forces the fellow to leave and succeeds in keeping the incident out of publicity. When his supervisor passes away among the documents he leaves behind a similar instance of image manipulation is found, although the evidence quickly disappears.

Due to the doubts this raises the case is re-opened twice, but the fellows of the college are deeply devided. Long-lasting friendships are tested and some fall apart. The complex characters in the story are sketched quite credibly. Although the amount of action is limited, the reader gets hooked by the suspense and the excellent writing style. For those who are not a native speaker of English the subtle indirectness of the dialogues might be somewhat intimidating because it’s likely they will never master the language at that level of perfection.

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