Helene Uri – De Besten Onder Ons

Last modified: February 9, 2018

A sad epic about a university institute of linguistics. About vanity, gossip and back-biting. And about the sexual determinants behind its main protagonists’ dubious behaviour. Thanks to intellectual theft, an ambitious young researcher quickly gains renown in her field. Using all her guile, she secures the assistance of a colleague to complete the stolen work and unknowingly ensures that the real originator of the ideas is herself accused of plagiarism and so loses her job.

In a shocking manner, Uri reveals how little scientists understand their own motivations and those of others. Testosterone-fuelled naïveté can do little in the face of unscrupulous strategic planning. Equally as shocking as an example of how incompetently suspected breaches of scientific integrity are often dealt with: by accepting opinions and misgivings rather than investigating the facts thoroughly. In this case with a career wrongfully destroyed as its end result.

Available at bol.com

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