Chandra case

Last modified: November 8, 2018

Ranjit Kumar Chandra is a researcher in the field of nutrition and immunology. In 2001 he published a study in Nutrition that claimed that his patented multivitamin formula could reverse memory problems in people over the age of 65. The same study was rejected by the British Medical Journal in 2000 after a review by a statistical expert who stated that the study had all the hallmarks of being invented. Chandra was asked to produce his data. He refused, claiming the university had lost it, and resigned. At one point, Chandra even published a study by someone named Amrit Jain in Nutrition Research confirming his previous results, but no known attempts to verify Jain’s identity or existence have ever been successful. It also was revealed during Chandra’s divorce trial that he has 120 bank accounts spread across about a dozen countries, worth over $2 million. The judge in the trial concluded that it was not possible that the money came from his salary as a doctor or as a professor. It is believed the money came from the funds provided to finance the studies he allegedly failed to complete.
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