Schön case

Last modified: November 8, 2018

German physicist Jan Hendrik Schön briefly rose to prominence after a series of apparent breakthroughs with semiconductors that were later discovered to be fraudulent. Soon after Schön published his work on single-molecule semiconductors, others in the physics community alleged that his data contained anomalies. It was noticed that two experiments carried out at very different temperatures had identical noise. As a reaction Schön claimed to have accidentally submitted the same graph twice. After this other physicists uncovered a number of examples of duplicate data in Schön’s work. On September 25, 2002, a committee publicly released a report containing details of 24 allegations of misconduct. They found evidence of Schön’s scientific misconduct in at least 16 of them. They found that whole data sets had been reused in a number of different experiments. They also found that some of his graphs, which purportedly had been plotted from experimental data, had instead been produced using mathematical functions. The report found that all of the misdeeds had been performed by Schön alone. All of the co-authors were exonerated of scientific misconduct. This sparked widespread debate in the scientific community on how the blame for misconduct should be shared among co-authors, particularly when they share significant parts of the credit.
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Read also the book Plastic Phantasic about this case.

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