Stapel case

Last modified: November 8, 2018

Diederik Stapel is a Dutch former professor of social psychology, who admitted he conducted data fabrication and manipulation. This scientific misconduct took place over a number of years and affected at least 55 publications. The fraud came to light after allegations by young researchers working under Stapel’s supervision. Later others confirmed the results of Stapel’s studies were ‘too good to be true’.
(summary from Wikipedia)

After the publication of the interim report in 2011, the committees of the three Dutch universities where Stapel worked (Tilburg University, University of Amsterdam and University of Groningen) realised the work had not even started yet. Together they wrote the final report (in English or in Dutch).

More about Stapel:

  • Book Ontsporing by Diederik Stapel (English translation)
  • Episode of TV-series Icarus about Diederik Stapel
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