Sudbø case

Last modified: November 8, 2018

Jon Sudbø is a Norwegian dentist, physician and former medical researcher, who was exposed as a scientific fraudster in 2006. Over a period of several years, he fabricated results in the field of oncology which he published in leading medical journals. In January 2006 it was revealed that his article, suggesting that non-COX2-NSAIDs like ibuprofen diminish the risk of oral cancer in smokers, was based upon fraudulent data. It turned out that the whole patient material was fictional. The article was found suspicious at the end of 2005 because the data was supposedly from a cancer patient database which had not yet opened. It was reported that of the 908 subjects in this study 250 had the same birthday. Investigation concluded that of the 38 articles he had published since 1993, 15 were condemned as fraudulent, including his doctoral dissertation. One explanation of this catastrophe was that Sudbø was a lone wolf. Few people or no-one had insight into his work.
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