Retraction Watch: have 1 in 5 UK academics fabricated data?

Last modified: November 8, 2018

What do we talk about when we talk about academic integrity and malpractice? A small survey on 215 UK academics suggests a lack of agreement on how academics interpret these concepts. For example, while academics at newer universities are more likely to understand academic integrity in relation to their students, academics from older universities tend to think about it in terms of their research. At the same time different scientific disciplines seem to give priority to different issues related to scientific misconduct.


Prominent findings

Moreover the survey suggests that malpractices, such as plagiarism (1 in 7) or data fabrication (nearly 1 in 5), occur way more often than previously thought. However, these findings are so much higher than of those reported by other, similar studies, that some scientists have come to question these results. On retraction watch you can find the survey’s most prominent findings, including (scroll below) some skeptical comments by other scientists. The full report of the study is also freely available online.

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