To Spill, Filter and Clean

Last modified: January 6, 2020
Doctoral thesis Serge Horbach – Radboud University
Research integrity is one of the main pillars constituting trustworthy science. However, fuelled by large, often spectacular cases of research misconduct, research integrity has come under the attention of scholars, science policymakers and the larger public alike. Combined with increasing concerns about the (ir)reproducibility of scientific experiments and an apparent decline in public trust in science, some consider the global research enterprise to be in a status of crisis. This dissertation aims to study research integrity, by describing how it may be threatened and how it may be protected.
In three empirical parts, it considers three questions regarding research integrity and the scientific publication system. With these, it aims to contribute to an understanding about: How problematic research gets spilled into the research literature, how self-regulating mechanisms may filter such articles from the literature, and how whistleblowers and research performing organisations may clean up cases that slipped through.



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