Mario Malicki

Stanford University
Mario Malicki

After finishing School of Medicine at the University of Zagreb, Croatia, Mario Malicki obtained an MA in Literature and Medicine at King’s College, London, UK, and then worked at the University of Split School of Medicine, Croatia where he obtained his PhD in Medical Ethics titled: Integrity of scientific publications in biomedicine. From 2017-2019 Mario has been a postdoc at AMC and ASUS Amsterdam, Netherlands, and in 2020 he joined METRICS at Stanford University, USA where he focus on meta-research of preprints and peer review. Mario is also also a Co-Editor-in-Chief of Research Integrity and Peer Review journal (RIPR)

Talk: What does peer review actually do? A living synthesis of studies on manuscript changes. 
Calls have been made to showcase changes that occurred to each study due to peer review. Until those calls are met, it is our aim to identify and synthesize findings of all studies that analysed differences between preprints or submitted manuscript versions and peer-reviewed publications. This living systematic review is ongoing, but data of 21 studies published till end of 2020 indicate very high similarity between version-pairs, with largest changes occurring in introduction or discussion sections of papers. If studies findings rarely change, journal publication and peer review may not be the best approach for science dissemination.


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