Noémi Aubert Bonn

Noémi Aubert Bonn

Noémie is a post-doctoral researcher in Hasselt University, Belgium, where she conducts research on research assessment and researcher wellbeing, and in Amsterdam University Medical Centers, Netherlands, where she is involved in the SOPs4RI project – a European Commission project that aims to create a toolbox to help research institutions and research funders foster better research integrity. Noémie completed her PhD in which she explored the perspectives of different stakeholders on the impact that research assessments and definitions of success in science have on research practices and research integrity. Recently, Noémie also became senior policy advisor for Research England where she works with the Future Research Assessment Programme (FRAP) to ensure that the next UK-wide assessment exercise is based on responsible research assessment principles.

Talk: The important role of research assessment in shaping practices.
The way in which researchers are assessed and rewarded plays a crucial role on practices and behaviours. Not only are assessments central to the high-pressure, high-competition culture of research, but they also shape how we perceive research success. In this presentation, I will first look at perspectives of research success and will explain that current research assessments are constraining success to a narrow set of metrics and detaching it from quality and integrity. I will then show how the scientific community is responding to this problem by showcasing important initiatives that have moved the research assessment debate to action.



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