Tamarinde Haven

Charité Berlin
Tamarinde Haven

Tamarinde studied psychology, philosophy and epidemiology and now works as a postdoctoral researcher at the BIH QUEST Center for Responsible Research, Charité, Berlin. In her PhD project, she focused on the role of the research climate in fostering or undermining research integrity and co-developed a training for PhD supervisors entitled “Superb Supervision” that has been offered at the Amsterdam University Medical Centers as well as the University of Amsterdam. She also worked on preregistration for qualitative research and developed a preregistration template for qualitative research through a Delphi study. Tamarinde works on topics related to responsible supervision and Open Science.

Talk: Towards a research climate that fosters responsible supervision.
Tamarinde will focus on the role of the research climate in fostering research integrity. One key finding from her investigation among academic researchers in Amsterdam, was the role of responsible supervision. Tamarinde will share how she used the results of her PhD project to develop a training for PhD supervisors and close with some findings of a pilot study she’s currently conducting into responsible role modelling for research integrity in biomedicine. 

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