Netherlands Research Integrity Network

The Netherlands Research Integrity Network (NRIN) aims to facilitate collaboration, exchange and mutual learning between the actors in the field of research integrity. By organizing a diversity of open and closed meetings, and sharing information on our website and in our newsletters.

Call for proposals

During the upcomming Summer Seminar on Research Integrity we invite you to share your own research ideas on this topic. Excited to join? We opened a call for proposals and invite participants to summarize their ideas in 5 minutes on our stage! Send in a short abstract (max 200 words), before July...

Important UPDATE on our Summer Seminar

Although the Corona-measures have been lowered in many European countries, we decided to change the format of the Summer Seminar on Research Integrity (25-27 August) to Online Only. The advantage of this change is that you can now attend the seminar for free! Find the registration link here.

First recordings WCRI webinars online

With the virtual edition of this year's WCRI just ended, the first recordings of the webinars are already available. Because each session is programmed twice to accomodate the various time zone differences, the sessions are titled with two numbers. From the NRIN website, we have only linked to one of these sess...

Our partners

NRIN is member of the European Network of Research Integrity Offices (ENRIO), and partner of the Reduce Waste and Reward Diligence campaign (REWARD) Alliance and the World Conferences on Research Integrity (WCRI) Foundation.


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