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Symposium 'Ethics & integrity education in development: moving towards evidence-based education' and Inaugural lecture Mariëtte van den Hoven ‘Hear, See and Speak up’

Integrity education is a relatively new field on the European continent, yet evidence on the effects and impact of these trainings is already widely researched. The results are still unsatisfying, as we actually have little knowledge on what guarantees effective research integrity education. In European contexts, and in Amsterdam in the Netherlands in particular, a group of scholars is involved in research on RI training. (Medical) ethics education as part of professional education has been implemented since decades, yet the desire to showcase best practices and to conduct research on the moral competences of professionals is recently also increasing. The symposium offers a sneak preview of developments in researching research integrity trainings and (medical) ethics courses. 

For a more extensive description of this event, you read this post.

Event Information

Event Date Thu 27-10-2022 10:30
Location Hybrid: on location/online

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